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JavaCardOS Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia about Java Card technology. It provides collaborative modification of its content and structure directly from the volunteers around the world. Anyone who wants to share your knowledge and experience with others, can create articles and edit articles. JavaCardOS Wikipedia is hosted by JavaCardOS Technologies.


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IMPORTANT: If someone willfully destroys the content or add some illegal contents, we have the rights to restore/delete the related information.


Smart Card Solution

Provide various common smart card solutions. Users can easily implement the corresponding solution by following these guides.

User Manual

JavaCard API Samples

Provide usage examples of Java Card API, which is available to developers as a reference. The current examples are divided into the following categories.

Java Card Specification

Provide Java Card technology specifications. These specifications are good resources for becoming familiar with Java card development.

Knowledge Sharing

You can create a new page in this category. We sincerely hope you can join to share more knowledge and experience about java card with us. Let's build the most comprehensive and powerful knowledge base of java card!

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