Development Kit

The developement kit lets you quickly and easily develop Java Card Applet. It also provides a great set of tools for java card developers.


  • v1.0.5.39:


JCIDE is an Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for the Java Card programming language.

JCIDE Screen Shot: Click to zoom in

Major Function:

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence-- Write code faster :

Auto-completion, call tips, goto-definition, find uses, source browser, code indices, and symbol lookup.
Powerful Editor

Powerful Editor -- Find and fix bugs quickly :

Visual studio key bindings, bookmarks, variable highlighting powerful search tools, and much more.
Powerful Editor

Graphical Debugger -- Navigate code with ease :

Debug shell, set breakpoints, step, local view, call stack, memory, byte code.
Powerful Editor

Integration Testing -- Find and fix bugs quickly :

1. Executing scripts through debug shell. 2. Allow any PC/SC compliant application connect to JCIDE and receive response from JCIDE with integrated virtual PC/SC interface.


The pyApduTool is a handy tool which can communicate with the card via the reader connected to PC. It is a PC/SC compliant application.

JCIDE Screen Shot: Click to zoom in

Major Function:

  • Communicate with the card
  • Manage the packages/applets in the card
  • Integration Testing
  • Lookup SW



  • AlgMaster-v1.0.2.391:

JCAlgMaster developed by JavaCardOS is a powerful algorithms tool. It supports hash arithmetic, symmetric algorithms, asymmetric algorithms, big number calculation and string conversion functions.

Major Function:

  • MD2/MD4/MD5/SHA1/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512
  • DES - Encrypt/Decrypt
  • AES - Encrypt/Decrypt
  • RSA - Generate keypair/Encrypt/Decrypt/Sign and verify
  • ECC - Generate keypair/Encrypt/decrypt/Sign and verify
  • BN - Bignumber calculation
  • String - String conversion
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