Fingerprint MOC Demo Kit (URU4000B)


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Fingerprint MOC(Matching On Card) Demo Kit

Fingerprint MOC(Matching On Card) Demo Kit mainly demonstrate fingerprint matching on JC30 serials card. Now it can support the following 3 fingerprint scanners,Live20R,URU4000B[HREF],FS88H[HREF]. Regarding the matching smart card, this kit has already supported JC30M48CR, A40CR, and will support other serials of java cards in the near future.

Component Listing

URU4000B * 1: USB Portable Fingerprint Capturing Reader Sensor

R502 * 1: Feitian Dual interface 13.56MHz Smart Card Reader

JC30M48CR * 5 with Biometric API option on


FPDemo.exe Application


URU4000B (L*W*H): 79*49*19 mm



500DPI/256 grayscale(8-bit)

Image Crawl Area

14.6mm (center standard width), 18.1mm (standard length)

Image Size


Power Supply

5.0V +/- 0.25V ( USB interface power)

Supported OS

windows 7

windows 10

Product Resource

Fingerprint MOC Demo Kit User Manual