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Job Offer


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Job Offer

Post by danijo100 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:34 am

I am looking for someone who can help me in writing right on jcoop card this info to make a succesuful test in POS
I am paying 30$ for each succesuful writing on jcoop . 200 cards with different info i need to write / day ! almost 6000$/day only for lessons and tips
this is only for testing purpose !!!
my telegram contact is @barracudas17
email : danijo@disroot.org

INFO i have :

9F1A:0840|9F10:06000A03A0A002|50:Visa Credit|9F33:E0F8C8|9F1B:00000000|9F11:01|95:0080048000|84:A0000000031010|
9F34:420300|9F12:CARD IMAGE 0021|5F30:0201|9F35:22|

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Re: Job Offer

Post by RomanSPD » Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:36 am

That's a great offer. I will look what I can do, and if I find someone I will contact you soon!
I am a tech writer at https://spd.group/

I am interested in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. If you want to discuss it, feel free to contact me!

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Re: Job Offer

Post by danijo100 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:27 am

still intersted
i cant believe nobody here knows to write a nxp javacard

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write an emv card

Post by danijo100 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:14 am

i try to write a card using this emv script but i keep getting declines in POS
anybody here know the reason where do i do wrong ?

send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a404000e315041592e5359532e4444463031
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a401060100
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40101
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40105
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102414100a4040007a0000000041010336f318407a0000000041010a526500a4d6173746572436172648701015f2d0670746573656e9f1101019f12074372656469746f
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102131380a80000000c770a82025800940408010601
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a401025d5d00b2010c005670545A0852566403634082565F3401005F24031507319F0702FF009F0D05F0502400009F0E0500008000009F0F05F0702498008E1200000000000000004201410342035E031F035F25031507275F280200769F4A0182
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102323200b2020c002a70288c1e9f02069f03069f1a0295055f2a029a039c019f37049f35019f45029f34038d06910a0d8a029505
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a401021c1c00b2030c001570139f080200025f300202019f420209869f440102
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102606000b2040c0059705757134388576087420983D231220110881571F5F20134D61726B757320416C6C656E202020202020209F1F1F303030303938373730353437303039383730303030303030303030303030309F200700009877054700
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102BDBD00b2050c00B67081B39381B00B41D3B830FAF294E4911DD1B5FF669085C998274E08248E60C9FBA29B9F029959F79105D9AC65A04B188DDDB26D0699014042AB783A94DDE7BD6978434289B6F6FA2685C272D63FEDBB0531D04AE2846B8CFB08F0C12BE9C51D62CFD6776B0EB9DE9BC890F303FEE81F22D1F7448CC25B826ED7A2A57C6E91A7161FD1DCF4F0DC17095F6159BDB43D0DD244FFD700647410A37E21CF174BFA439416831CEA8F1C3A9C93EECAD5A7B1E3F5949E2DC5AD
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102EAEA00b2060c00E37081E09081B0AB69F47BA64A4D4C08AB43848B66781F2B4DD1087FD368B768004A8295155048ED31BE277B1EE71E37E6D006937C087D074790774A4C29EE5AF7614FD829E39CE6D536D5BBD7490789C1BD563A1FC600FB031558E0970CCC58955D7DA03C37EA7D05184C46B9230FEE1C422FE88769AC63BD13BEF6B072B3FEE9264DC564FA173ADBEC2719EEC575A04778DA31A295C2E557540E0978C3FF3398C8D2C899FAB1F0F2F19414ECCF138C4C60ABD92148158F01059F3201039224CB98D378E88F7601643D0864748F276101E79E2886609B6ABF763DBDB120757E75B47327
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a401020b0b80ca9f1700049f170103
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102323280ae8000002B77299F2701809F360200499F26088A3470B2406A11489F10120114A500030200003B0F00000000000000FF
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102323280ae4000002B77299F2701409F360200499F2608BA9A9D755485B3EC9F101201146500030200003B0F00000000000000FF
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a40102323280ae0000002B77299F2701009F360200499F26088A3470B2406A11489F10120114A500030200003B0F00000000000000FF
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a4010209090020008000029000
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a401020b0b80ca9f1700049f170103
send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00a401060100


if anybody have a solution i can provide many cards and i have my own pos to work with
just need somebody who know to make a good script !
send me your contact if you know

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Re: Job Offer

Post by zetoken » Tue Apr 21, 2020 4:01 pm

I'm very late but... I'm curious, what were you trying to do?
All I see is a bunch of SELECT commands with various data that do not look like any valid EMV AID. So any EMV card will reject them (As you mention a POS, I guess it's a payment terminal, I may be wrong).
Some valid examples:
- selection of the PSE: use 00 A4 04 00 0E 31 50 41 59 2E 53 59 53 2E 44 44 46 30 31 00
- selection of VISA application: use 00 A4 04 00 05 A0 00 00 00 03 00 (replace the AID by the one of your card).

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