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Solve the MyEclipse SVN plug-in failure problem

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Solve the MyEclipse SVN plug-in failure problem

Post by youyou » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:51 pm

I have a special preference for the SVN Java version of the plug-in. Besides, based on the development and debugging stage, the plug-in version of SVN integrated into the IDE is indeed fast and easy to use.
It can be annoying to suddenly fail, and SVN as a version control tool, if it suddenly doesn't work, it's largely a matter of days of hard work or hard work...
Unfortunately for me, the integrated SVN of MyEclipse 8.6 suddenly fails, and all of a sudden, the last few minutes were used to synchronize libraries... That would be bad, right?
All engineering directories imported in SVN mode fail with SVN correlation. Engineering and files do not display svn-related URl, version ID, editor, and other information. Function keys such as right-team are all failed and the prompt cannot be opened. Click on the Windows - the Team - SVN,
Tip:“Unable to create the selected preference page.
An error occurred while automatically activating bundle org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.ui (1555).”
I can't open the selection reference page. When activating something in UI, an error occurred. The page cannot be displayed.
If you find the corresponding problem on the Internet, you can delete the update if there is conflict caused by downloading the new plug-in. For example, under the directory D:\Program Files (x86)\Genuitec\MyEclipse\configuration, delete org.eclipse.update. There's also the phrase "remove metadata from your workspace", which I think is the last word, and tell the webmaster that you have to restart the machine. Removing this directory means that all configuration information in your workspace, and all referenced project directories, are dead, in other words, switched to a new workspace. I don't want to do that. That's not an option
On the Internet, it's all about getting reinstalled... , simply do not see, play their own wisdom!!! Omit...
MyEclipse workspace in the metadata directory (.metadata), there is. Plugins directory, open can see is a number of plug-ins word file directory, personal understanding that this is the workspace at startup, loaded some of the IDE. By switching to a new workspace, you can see that the.plugins directory will automatically generate many directories. To solve our problem, the SVN plugin fails. What about removing the plugin and reloading it?
Finally, there's a light...
The specific solution is as follows:
* delete the directory of SVN plug-ins in the workspace metadata directory where the project is located, such as:
E: \ workspaces \ renrenxing \. Metadata \. The plugins:
Com, collabnet subversion. The merge
Org. Tigris. Subversion. Subclipse. The UI
Org. Tigris. Subversion. Subclipse. Such as the core to subversion word catalog file
* CMD - MyEclipse installation directory, myeclipse.exe clean restart the load
* at this point, the svn-related function keys should be ok, but there is still no SVN information in the project project. Click windows-preferener-team - svn-menu Icons to choose subphilan.
* check the SVN item in the General Appearance Avaiable label tree list
In this case, the project is again associated with SVN, and the SVN library information, file submitter, date, and other fields are displayed...
Suddenly, the project in the Package Explorer was found to be particularly beautiful after being associated with SVN!!!! :D :D :D

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