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JCKit JAVACOS_6.1.0.8 released

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JCKit JAVACOS_6.1.0.8 released

Post by product » Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:38 am

Greetings all,

We are pleased to announce the release of JCKit JAVACOS_6.1.0.8.

Compared with the previous version, this version fixed some bugs and add some new features.

  • 1. Fix the problem that project compilation fails when the project path contains spaces
    2. Fixed the problem that the debug window can only be displayed on the main screen under multiple screens.
    3. Fixed the problem of missing the underscore in some code prompts.
    4. Use 'javacos' as the default chippack. When the old version of the project is opened, it is automatically set to the chippack of 'javacos'.
    5. Fixed the problem of 'copy as RTF'
    6. Fixed the case that the jar attachment is not specified, the default attachment cannot be used, resulting in the prompt that there is no javadoc format prompt
    7. Fixed the problem that the jar cannot be removed in the configuration jar interface after the jar is physically deleted
    Fixed the problem that the code jump function was abnormal during editing
    8. Fix the problem that breakpoints sometimes suddenly become invalid
    9. Fix the problem of inaccurate positioning when two files with the same content
    10. Fixed the problem that the interface does not work properly in the outline view
    11. Fixed the problem that scp cannot modify the GP key
    12. Fixed the problem that pyApdutool cannot modify the GP key
    13. Fixed the problem that the debugger could not work properly with java debug components after version 0.26
    14. Fixed the problem that the function of closing all documents did not work properly
    15. When ECJ is compiled, it cannot jump to the wrong position
    16. Improved the content of code hints, and added more detailed hints; blank content is not displayed
    17. Fixed the problem that the file status is still in a modified state after undo
    18. Fix the problem that the breakpoint deletion fails when the same breakpoint is added multiple times in an abnormal situation.
    19. Fixed the crash when the object value is null in the debugger
    20. Fixed the problem that the provided project could not be found and the value could not be obtained when the jdt.ls cache caused the debugging in certain situations.
  • 1.Added the function of code snippets
  • 1.Upgrade JDK to JDK13
    2. Upgrade JDT.LS to version 0.59
    3. Update the Java.debug to 0.28.0
Download Link:
1. Download JAVACOS_6.1.0.8 from Google Drive.
2. Click Here to download it from the JavaCardOS website.

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Re: JCKit JAVACOS_6.1.0.8 released

Post by bigWhite » Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:00 am

The function is perfect :lol:

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