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JCKit JAVACOS_6.0.2.3 released

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JCKit JAVACOS_6.0.2.3 released

Post by product » Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:54 am

Greetings all,

We are pleased to announce the release of JCKit JAVACOS_6.0.2.3.

Compared with the previous version, this version fixed some bugs and add some new features.

  • 1. Fixed the BUG of 'fake' nodes appearing in the Package view
  • 2. Fixed an error: In the window of Package view through right-clicking to open the project directory or the package directory exceptio
  • 3.Fixed the implementation of DAP protocol about 'continue' function
  • 4.Fixed an issue where the next step did not respond when debugging due to multi-threading not being locked
  • 5.In the process of debugging, optimize the display of the array, by using lazy loading and layered loading to draw the array.
  • 6. Fixed the problem that the debugging is not normal under non-English path
  • 7.Fixed the BUG of upload CAP failed when the CAP file was larger than 65535 bytes
  • 8.Fixed an issue with Viewing CAP ByteCode causing the JCIDE to crash under non-English path
  • 9.Fixed the issue of JDWP stack reading exception
  • 10. The Warm Reset and Cold reset are changed to the same treatment, disconnect the Virtual Machine, and then reconnect to simulate the RESET.
  • 11. Optimized the expression extraction of Debughover,
  • 12. Modify the link in the JavaCardOS tab of the Startpage to HTTPS
  • 13. In the ‘watch’ and ‘loacal’ views, The Variable do not turn red in the tree node if the name of the variable is changed.
  • 14. Move mouse to the 'Margin', it will prompt the line error and breakpoint information
  • 15. Update JDT.LS of eclilpse plugin to 0.62 version
  • 16. Update ECJ to version 4.16
  • 17.The configuration information is saved to a specific location, and after the software is reinstalled, the previous configuration information can be imported.
  • 18. Added the attach_sourch attribute in chippack, it easy to distinguish between attach and JAR.
  • 19. Support java card kit 3.1.0
  • 20.In JCKit, separate 'attach' and 'JAR' to avoid the problem of javaca compilation error when 'attach' and 'jar' are inconsistent
  • 21.integrated cref virtual machine of oracle, these virtual machines support java card kit 3.1.0.
  • 22. Fixed the BUG of package renaming
  • 23.Optimized the interface of ChipPack Manager
  • 24. Fixed an issue Select Applet was abnormal in pyApdutool tool
  • 25. Fixed the problem that the jump of cap file view is abnormal
  • 26.Fixed the issue that the cap file view cannot jump normally
  • 27.Fix the problem that no project is opened and the program is abnormal
  • 28. Fixed the problem that the debugger takes up too much CPU resources (up to 25%)
  • 29. Fixed a bug where some breakpoints cannot be removed
  • 1. Enhanced the debugging function, the DAP debugging protocol and JDWP protocol are implemented.
  • 2. Added 'Quick Watch' functionality on expressions
  • 3. You can use SCP to record the sent APDU command, clear the APDU command, and record the selected JCVM.
  • 4. Added hexadecimal display when you put the mouse on the constant
  • 5. The function of 'Run to the current line' is realized under the DAP protocol
  • 6. Add the options of 'Add watch' and 'Edite watch'
  • 7. Added the function of modify the source file directory
  • 8. Added the function of breakpoint condition and breakpoint hit count
  • 9.The Breakpoint functionality is added to LOGs, it's means, when running to the breakpoint do not need to stop, and the LOG message is displayed directly in the Debug output window. This is equivalent to a breakpoint with printf functionality
  • 10.Added functionality that can be debugged in JCRE
  • 11.On the right-click menu of 'Margin' adds 'edit conditon', 'log message' and 'hit count' item.
  • 12.Added converter's exportpath option configuration function
  • 13.Added support for Java Card Kit Connected
  • 14.Added restart function after JDT exits abnormally.
Download Link:
1. Click Here to download it from the JavaCardOS website.
2. Download JAVACOS_6.0.2.3 from Google Drive.

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Re: JCKit JAVACOS_6.0.2.3 released

Post by kuafu » Sat Jul 11, 2020 7:44 pm

Running and debugging in JCIDE 6

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