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Network Measurement Report Decoding

Smartcard solutions

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Network Measurement Report Decoding

Postby YuriMK » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:56 pm

Hi guys,

I could use some help to understand a litle bit the information retrieved from a Network Measurement Result from:
UTRAN - Intra-Frequency measurements
UTRAN - Inter-Frequency measurements

I made an Applet that ask for the network Measurement Result in 3G and i notice that the Terminal Response gives an TLV (16 xx yy.....yy) where:
16 -> Network Measurement Result Tag
xx --> Lenght of the following data
yy...yy -> Data Retrieved

I tried to understand the ts_125331v120300p.pdf (page 1132 to 1174) but with no luck.
The other way around to understand the result is from a web decoder ( ... -umts.html).
Still didn´t understand :(

What i want to know/point is to an structure where shows the meaning of each byte in order to understand the result to do the decoding by my own.

Here is an example:
UTRAN Intra-Frequency Measurement: 1612 22000619947170CE 00000670800033880000
UTRAN Intra-RAT (GERAN) Measurement: 1613 2200816530E6530E6530E6530E6530E6530E40

Thanks in Advance for your help,

Best Regards,

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Re: Network Measurement Report Decoding

Postby UNKNwYSHSA » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:56 pm

sense and simplicity

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