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Compile pyGlobalplatform on Linux OS

pyGlobalPlatform is a open source python library of globalplatform client library.
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Compile pyGlobalplatform on Linux OS

Post by JavaCardOS » Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:14 am

Take Ubuntu for example.

1. Install cmake

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sudo apt-get install cmake

2. Install make

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sudo apt-get install automake

3.Install gcc

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sudo apt-get install gcc

4.Install g++

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sudo apt-get install g++

5. Enter pyGlobalPlatform source code directory. Execute cmake to generate Makefile
Note: Whether to execute step 2 to 3 is according to your own system situation.
You can of course execute the command of this step to install the corresponding tools your system lacks according to the system prompt.

6. Execute make command

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make install (Administrator permission required)

7. Enter python

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import pyglobalplatform as gp

c = gp.establishContext()
readername = gp.listReaders(c)[0]
ci = gp.connectCard(c, readername, 1)
selectCommand = '\x00\xA4\x04\x00\x00'
for i in xrange(1000):
      print ">> " + "".join("%02X" %(ord(v)) for v in selectCommand)
      print "<< " + "".join("%02X" %(ord(v)) for v in gp.GP211_send_APDU(c, ci, None, selectCommand))
gp.disconnectCard(c, ci)

1. Please be sure that you have already installed GlobalPlatform and gppcscconnectionplugin
2. If GlobalPlatform and gppcscconnectionplugin are installed under /usr/local/lib, you need to add LD_LIBRARY_PATH:

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 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib;/usr/local/lib;"

3. If you have any problem, feel free to address them here!

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