Excited to tell you that our welfare activity has been upgraded - Paying only $5.00 + Freight to get JCOP J3H145 card and A40CR card.
Please check this post for more details.

Moreover, if you want to get Free Samples by Paying Freight only , please check this page.

Smartcard Developers Benefits are Coming!

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Smartcard Developers Benefits are Coming!

Post by admin » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:55 pm

Dear all,

To celebrate JavaCardOS website total visits broke through 300,000, and also in order to express our gratefulness to all smartcard developers and make them conduct project research better, we will offer the most preferential price for all the products in our online store. The maximum order quantity for each product is 10.

We are committed to smartcard technology research. Providing better smart card application solutions and customized products with high quantity for smart card users are our belief always.

For more details on this activity, please visit our online store!

- The JavaCardOS Team

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