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Result signature between signature from Applet and Java code

An ISO7816 compliant Java Card PKI applet.

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Result signature between signature from Applet and Java code

Postby dinhkhacnam » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:36 am

Hi all,
I have tested with PKI applet from github (, I run samcode to get signature, then i convert signcert.der to create signature with java code (data inputs are one)

But i got result different with PKI applet

Here is my code in java code

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Signature sig = Signature.getInstance("Sha1WithRSA");
            byte [] sign = sig.sign();
            System.out.println("Sign Data Done! \n");

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Re: Result signature between signature from Applet and Java code

Postby roundtable » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:11 am

Signature sig = Signature.getInstance("Sha1WithRSA"); where alg name 'shawithRSA" is ambitious, i 've gone through the java API spec. 'shawithRSA" only indicates that PKCS#1 is used, however, PKCS#1 is comprised of Padding (PSS, Vi5 and OAEP), cipher primitives, but they are described in details in javacard APIs .

So, you modify your applet to try these constants: Signature.ALG_RSA_SHA_PKCS1, Signature.ALG_RSA_SHA_PKCS1_PSS
until you get the same result as your java code.

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