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nfcshare - cos developer assistant

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nfcshare - cos developer assistant

Post by gandalf » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:17 am

this is a useful tool for cos developer. its has a internal c like script engine, a minial ui set.

1. gp card contents management

2. scripts/files quick search

3. computing box, also apdu input box

4. atr parse demo ( using two script lines )

Code: Select all

char *s = atr_parse ( "3BF81300008131FE454A434F5076323431B7", 1 );
printf ( "%s\n", s );

5. simple ui editor

6. javacard calculator terminal ui

refer to: for more information about this calc applet.

of course, you can invoke the .dll functions, such as 'MessageBoxA', 'OutputDebugStringA', 'GetWindowText' ... to
program a util tool. ^)^

btw. it has jcop.exe internal supporting, you can test applets without a hardware smartcard.
you can get it from >> sf <<

if you have some problem, post me, i can help you out.

* if you meet the following dialog, please download a vs2010_crt from >> Microsoft <<
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Re: nfcshare - cos developer assistant

Post by Harten » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:38 pm

It's an excellent tool. Thanks for sharing!

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