Our Online Store have the new products: RFID antenna board. Currently it can work with JC10M24R and JCOP4 card chips.
Compared with normal cards, the antenna board module has a smaller size and fixed holes, which is easy to integrate in the IOT(Internet Of Things) project.

JuBiter product introduction

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JuBiter product introduction

Post by kuafu » Sat Jul 18, 2020 7:56 pm

JuBiter product introduction
JuBiter is a sub-brand of Feitian Chengxin Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the field of blockchain digital currency wallets. The name of JuBiter includes the Jupiter temple, which served as ancient Greek temples and vaults, and the logo letter B of the first bitcoin of digital currencies. It means that we hope that it can protect the security of digital assets as safe as a treasury.

The JuBiter team launched the JuBiter Blade hardware wallet and supporting software JuBiter Wallet in September 2018. It has just released a new version of 2.0 software and hardware, and will soon launch JuBiter Lite card wallet and JuBiter Bio series fingerprint hardware wallet.

The creator of the JuBiter brand, Feitian Chengxin, has 20 years of experience in software and hardware research and development in the security field. Although JuBiter is just a newcomer in the field of blockchain digital currency, it is a senior expert in hardware security.

JuBiter Blade hardware wallet

JuBiter Blade is an exquisite, compact but powerful hardware cold wallet. "Safe and easy to use" is the design concept throughout the product. In order to provide users with richer functions, the second generation version of JuBiter Blade (JuBiter Blade II) has been officially launched On sale, the firmware version and Bluetooth version update function are added on the basis of the first generation, and more algorithms such as NIST P-256\ed255519\schnoor\BLAKE2b are built-in, and they have the basis to support most currencies on the market. In the future, we can better meet the diverse needs of customers.

Reliable hardware foundation

Infineon's CC EAL6+ military-grade security chip is the core, and the device circuit structure adopts a single-chip design to prevent physical attacks.

Senior R&D team

The Javacard COS with built-in Feitian proprietary property rights is developed by a senior R&D team with CC EAL5+ level development experience.

Safe operation method

Create and restore mnemonics offline, set and modify transaction password offline, and enter transaction password with random blind keyboard. The screen displays transaction information and requires two keystrokes to confirm. What you see is what you sign, making man-in-the-middle attacks invisible.

Rich function support

Follow the BIP32/39/44 protocol, Javacard COS underlying architecture, rich algorithm support, more potential currencies and application support.

You choose the currency

Use JuBiter's official update tool to verify the authenticity of the device and prevent supply chain attacks. Easily select the supported currency of the device. Conveniently update the official firmware and the new version of Bluetooth to obtain a full range of functions and security.

Convenient experience

Ultra-thin metal shell, exquisite and compact, no pressure to carry. 4 buttons make the operation of the device easier, and at the same time use Bluetooth to communicate with the mobile phone APP, and you can freely grasp the trend of your assets anytime, anywhere. Rechargeable battery prolongs the service life of the device, no longer worry about replacing the battery

JuBiter Wallet software wallet

JuBiter Wallet is not only the supporting software for JuBiter brand hardware wallets, but also a simple and easy-to-use digital currency software wallet. Now it supports BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, LTC, DASH, USDT and all ERC-20 tokens in After several months of design refactoring, the new JuBiter Wallet 2.0 application is now available on Google Play and App Store, and the local installation package is available for download (https://download.jubiterwallet.com). .cn) Welcome to download and use.

Jubiter wallet 2.0 version redesigned the software architecture and usage to make it more compatible with the characteristics of digital currency, improving the fluency of the software and user experience, adding new functions such as market quotation and transaction information push, and more More hard-core functions such as signature, DID, etc., is a "technology flow" digital asset management software. We will continue to update the functions to provide users with more currency support.

Coming soon


JuBiter Lite card hardware wallet

-JuBiter Blade same architecture and chip selection;

-NFC encrypted communication, safe and easy to use;

-Transaction password protection;

-Lightweight, compact and portable;

-Novel digital currency gift card, customize your exclusive card face.

JuBiter Bio fingerprint hardware wallet

-Have all the features of JuBiter Blade;

-Added fingerprint authentication mode;

-New appearance design

-Multilingual support

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