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Compare communication interface for mobile platform

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Compare communication interface for mobile platform

Postby Hooben » Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:08 am

Compare Bluetooth and Lightning interface, they are most depends on user scenario.

Compare Bluetooth and Lightning interface, they are most depends on user scenario.

Lightning interface reader:
For example: Most of people using Lightning interface reader for BYOD (bring your own device) project, they had iPhone/iPad need wear/take reader together, in this case, the iPad/iPhone reader is best solution. It has below features:
1. Fully support Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, and have best compatible
2. Can using reader directly and do charge for iPhone/iPad/iPod through Micro USB cable.
3. Latest iPhone/iPad casing design can provide best experiences for end user, using card work with iPad/iPhone smoothly, charging battery without remove casing
4. Protect your iPhone/iPad
5. Transfer data speed faster than Bluetooth
6. The physical connection is more security than Bluetooth
1. The power take from iOS device
2. Not good for Android device, need have OTG cable
Summary, this device only using for high value customer, like banks manager or government internal, most of them using for security identification.

Bluetooth interface reader:
Most customer consider Bluetooth reader because it can work with multi-platform, for example, android and iOS, it has below features:
1. Wireless connection without take power from iOS device
2. Battery is can replacement
3. Long communication distance (but most customer think this is not secure)
4. Support multi-platform, android and iOS
1. Wireless connection is not safe
2. Environmental factors to demand higher
Summary, most of feitian customer using Bluetooth reader in mobile operators and e-Health industry, e-banking who need to read common information.

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