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Trying to understand implementation BAC protocol

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Trying to understand implementation BAC protocol

Post by nedja95 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:10 am

Hi Everybody,

I have a little problem. I'm new with working with Java cards and I'm trying to understand protocol for implementing BAC protocol on Java cards.
I apologize in advance if I missed the topic, but I do not understand very well what is happening here and what I should do.

I'm currently using JMRTD version 0.0.2b of the applet. I know to successfully update and install the applet on virtual card using JCIDE. I know how to make and generate COM, all DataGroup, SOD with JMRTD version 0.5.13 of host API. I tested these files whit Golden Reader Tool with option Read from Disk that this data is good generated.

And what I don't know is what I need to do next? Do I need to somehow upload all this data that i generate to my virtual card? How I can personalised the epassport whit JMRTD? Does someone have some script with apdu commands with which I can do this process?
Can someone maybe give me some link of tutorial that i can follow to understand this process and can do on my own? Or some documentation that I can read to understand what I need to do.


Topic that i try to follow -
Passport applet -
JMRTD host API -
I'm also using this Passport Reader to trying to read data from virtual card -
Golden Reader:

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Re: Trying to understand implementation BAC protocol

Post by wumindejia » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:43 am

You can read chapter "4.3 Basic Access Control" and "9.8 Secure Messaging" and "Appendix D to Part 11 WORKED EXAMPLE: BASIC ACCESS CONTROL(INFORMATIVE)" in the 9303_p11_cons_en.pdf of the attachment.
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