ECC Gen key pair Valid or Not

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ECC Gen key pair Valid or Not

Post by shimizus3106 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:22 am

Hello, member

I want to know how we can know,

Created ECC key pair ex) ECDSA Sign/Verity tool in this site

is compliant with the spec.

Simply, Secret key is random number and Public key is its scalar x G of EC parameter..

How we can consider the key is valid one ?

Could you let me know ?


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Re: ECC Gen key pair Valid or Not

Post by zhaoyang » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:09 am

ECDSA sign/verify tool in this site can generate ECC key pair.D is private key, (Qx,Qy) is public key.
If you want to check ecc key pair is valid,you can follow the following steps:
1. You can use private key d to compute public key Q. Private key d multiplied by G in the elliptic curve can get private key Q'.
2.Compare the two point Q and Q'. If Q == Q', the keypair is valid in elliptic curve.

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